Strategic Drug Solutions, Inc

Norm Enriquez

Dr. Norm Enriquez, Pharm D.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. Norm Enriquez joined the Board of Directors for Strategic Drug Solutions (SDS) in May, 2013.  Dr. Enriquez brings to SDS a history of over 30 years of unique executive, entrepreneurial and clinical experience with a proven track record of success in building and leading companies and teams to high performance in Biotech, PhRMA, the private healthcare sector and academia.  Dr. Enriquez has led scientists and doctoral-level teams with Amgen and Aventis. Dr. Enriquez’ clinical skills, reputation, vision and ability to shape patient-oriented, scientific companies was integral to contributing to an executive team that successfully grew a de novo start-up (Total Pharmaceutical Care - TPC).  Through securing a series of venture capital, acquisitions and mergers, TPC eventually became a publically traded, multi-center, nation-wide, multidisciplinary corporation. 

Dr. Enriquez currently consults in the private sector for several companies and is guiding curriculum development as an Associate Dean with the Keck Graduate Institute, School of Biopharmacy.

Norm completed his pre-pharmacy requirements, with an emphasis in Pharmacology at the University of California, Santa Barbara; received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy; and completed a Residency in Clinical Pharmacology and Ambulatory Care Medicine at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Long Beach.